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Free Wood Project Plans by Rodney Johnson

Rod Johnson is a Cabinet Maker who has experience in Mechanical Engineering and Design. His experience combined with his love for woodworking enables him to provide excellent woodworking plans. Rod offers free plans because he believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of making your own wood projects. Rod is here to offer his free assistance..

Rod takes great pride in all his wood projects as well as pride in the people he teaches in his woodworking shop in northern Wisconsin. Rod's students are 4H children, family members and community members. Rod encourages and inspires children and adults of all ages to make wood projects. Rod instills confidence and self-esteem in his students. Rod says, "If you make something once, your not afraid to do it again." He makes woodworking a pleasureable experience. Rod instills a sense of pride and beauty as well as a sense of accomplishment in his students. "The 4H kids are really, really excited to learn in my shop. A project well done gives confidence that carries them through to all aspects of their life.", states Rod Johnson, owner of Rod's

Free Woodworking Advice

If you have questions regarding any wood project, feel free to ask Rod for guidance and he will help you. Rod's plans are simplified and functional, easy to understand for the novice as well as the experienced craftsman.

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