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Free Jewelry Box Plans - How To Build A Wooden Jewelry Box

Build A Wooden Jewelry Box


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3/4" Thick x 9" Wide x 36" Aromic Red Cedar (or wood of choice) for sides and back

3/4" Thick x 12"Wide x 36" Black Ash (or wood of choice) for top and bottom

1 1/4" Thick x 9" Wide Aromic Red Cedar (or wood of choice) for drawer fronts

1/2" x 5" x 96" Black Ash or Oak Plywood for drawer sides

1/4" ash plywood for drawer bottom

1 1/2" Wood Screws: 1/8 lb.

1 1/4" Kreg Screws: 1/8 lb.

4 plastic/nylon button feet for bottom

sandpaper 100 grit, 180 grit, (320 grit for finishing)

Wood Filler

Wood Glue

Satin Finish Polyurethane Varnish

Felt for interior lining of drawers (use color of your choice)

Plastic Drawer Slide Tape

Tools Required

Table Saw

Tape Measure


Corner/Arc Template

Power Drill

Router with Round-over Bit

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Band Saw

Belt Sander or 100 to 180 grit sandpaper and a block (320 grit for finish sanding)

Palm Sander

Screw Gun

Kreg Pocket Hole System

Pipe Clamps

Jig Saw

Sliding Ruler

Sand Paper (Grit: 100 and 180)


Radius Gauge

Step One: Cut The Jewelry Box Pieces - Sides And Back

Select the planed 1 x 14" stock: the dimensions above


Glue boards together if needed to plane

Rip sides and back to 8 3/4"


Cut sides to lenght

Cut back to lenght


Step Two: Glue Sides and Back Boards For Jewelry Box


Using glue fasten sides and back - box joints shown




See interior demensions above for jewelry box

Step Three: Drawer Guides And Placement

Cut grooves for drawer guides 3/8" wide (space evenly)

With leftover pieces cut the drawer guides (4 are needed)


Glue the guides to the sides - clamp to hold - box is shown laying on its back

Step Four: Cutting Top And Bottom Pieces - Including Design


Cut top and bottom to size

Using a band saw cut the design on top and bottom - black ash



(TIP) Save the design pieces that were cut off to use for the drawer front design so pattern is the same

Sand top and bottom black ash pieces

Step Five: Attach Top To Body Of Wooden Jewelry Box


Using a Kreg Pocket Hole System, screw top to body of jewelry box

Step Six: Attach Bottom To Body Of Wooden Jewelry Box


Install bottom with screws from bottom up.



Using 3/4" nylon protective feet add to bottom of jewelry box.

Note - Signature can be added at bottom of jewelry box prior to attaching to the body of box. Sign underside before feet are installed.

Step Seven: Make And Fit Jewelry Drawer Boxes


Layout Shown Above


Make jewelry box drawers - glue lapped joint

Cut the front and back pieces at 12 1/8" width and cut the end pieces at 7 1/2"length

The height of the drawer is cut at 2 1/4"

Dado 1/4" groove in bottoms together

Glue drawers and bottoms together - clamp together - let sit overnight to dry

After glue has dried sand drawers and fit into jewelry box

Step Eight: Finishing Drawer Front Design Of Wooden Jewelry Box


Use cut out strip from bottom and top of jewelry box to make identical design for drawer fronts. Cut design on drawer fronts on band saw

Sand drawer fronts



Step Nine: Finish the Jewelry Box - Drawers - Interior, Fronts, Feet, Knobs


Sand drawer fronts


Cut 1/8"inch spacers for drawer fronts

Install boxes, then fit drawer fronts using 1/8" spacers between each drawer


From scrap wood, cut out three drawer knobs/handles, 3/4" x 1/2" x 1 1/2"

Attach the knobs/handles with screw from inside drawer box





Sign your work

Sand jewelry box ready for varnish using 100 to 180 grit sand paper, then final sanding with 320 grit sand paper

Apply several coats of polyurethane (satin finish) sanding lightly between each coat of varnish


When poly is dry add felt liner, color of your choice.

Sit back and admire your handy work

Give box to your Sweetie Pie and she will be very happy!


On a Personal Note, I sign all my wood projects using a 60 degree router bit. "Made with Love" and the date - these are truly priceless for years to come!


Copyright 2009 - Rodney Johnson